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Why can't I edit my reward tier amount?

While a reward tier has patrons pledging to it, you cannot edit the reward amount. We do this to prevent confusion; for example, imagine if your patrons at your $5 reward tier had the tier changed to $10 - you would either have different patrons paying different amounts for the exact same thing (not good), or you would raise prices on the $5 patrons without asking (also not good!).
Depending on what you want to do, here are some options:
  1. You can un-publish the reward tier so that no new patrons will see it or be able to pledge to that tier (any patrons currently on it will remain).
  2. You can create another reward tier so that new patrons will pay a new price.
  3. You can edit the reward description of that reward tier.
  4. You can delete the reward tier, which will move those patron's into the "no reward" section.
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