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I'm a per post creator-- Is charge up front for me?

Note: Charge up front is a permanent change, and will only work with monthly accounts, which means that the change to monthly will also be permanent. If you need the flexibility of making several paid posts in one month, or skipping a month or more, charge up front is probably not the best fit. 

Glad to here you're interested in charge up front!

Charge up front is a great way to make sure that your patrons will be billed for their pledge, but as a per creation creator, you already have a few things in your favor to help with this. If you are a per-creation creator, and you have a patron subscribed when you make your paid post, they will have a pending bill- If they delete the pledge or payment method any pending bills are processed. Otherwise, the pending bill(s) will be processed at the end of the month. 

If you are interested in charge up front, it might be worthwhile to try being a monthly creator without charge up front first to see if that would be a good fit.

What are the benefits to charge up front?

You get your money faster. Because patrons will be charged up front, Patreon will be able to transfer that money to a creator's balance sooner.

Patrons can get rewards faster. Since you'll be getting money from their patrons sooner, you can choose to fulfill any physical reward distribution closer to when a Patron joins, instead of waiting until the end of the month.

Patrons will not be able to sample patron-only content. Some Patrons have been able to become a patron of a monthly creator to check out the content, then delete their pledge before they are charged at the beginning of the month. With "charge up front" enabled, only paying patrons can view your patron only content.

To learn more about charge up front and how to turn it on, go HERE.



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