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How do I make a post?

So you've Become a creator and want to start posting, that's excellent. 

 First off select the post button in the top right corner.


Once you've selected "Post" the window will change to the Make a post page. 



You will see a few different options on what kind of post you would like to make.
note: you cannot change a post type after it has been made.

While you are here you can also check out any posts you've already published, scheduled, or saved as a draft.

Titles are required - and if you want, text to the body of the post. You can also add up to 5 tags to your post.


If you are a per-creation creator you'll see the option to charge your patrons.


Then you can select who gets to see this post (the default is 'Public")

Finally, you can Publish now, Save as draft, or Schedule for later.

You can always delete or edit your posts as well.


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