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How do I schedule a post?

For creators wanting to schedule posts to be published at a specific time, we have added a "schedule post" functionality to the "make a post" module.

To schedule a post to be published later, simply create a draft of the post as you normally would. At the bottom of the posting window, you'll see a blue "publish now" button. If you click the arrow, you will see the option to "schedule" the post. Click that!


A new section will pop up that'll allow you to select a date and time for when your post will be published. After selecting when you want the post to be published, click "schedule" and voila! Your post will automatically be published at the specified time.

To unschedule a post, click the orange "post" button on the top right of your account and you'll see a new posting experience, which includes a "scheduled" section.

Click "scheduled" and you'll see a list of all of the upcoming posts that you have scheduled. You have the option to either delete or edit the post.

If you click "edit," you will be taken back to the draft of your original post. From there, you can click "remove" next to the scheduled time and your post will no longer be scheduled to publish. It will still be saved as a draft for you to update and publish as needed. If you'd rather delete your post in its entirety, simply click "delete."

If you just want to check in to see when posts you have scheduled will publish, click the orange "post" button and you will see a list of all upcoming posts in the "scheduled" tab.

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