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Where is my Payout?

If it’s been a couple days after the funds have been transferred, and you have yet to see them, that’s totally normal! It can take 1–2 business days to process your payout via PayPal and 2–5 business days to process via Stripe and Payoneer. 
However, there are some other reasons why your payout might not have arrived just yet. Here you’ll find the de-facto guide on retrieving your payout! 
Do you have a payout method?
Have you added a payout method to your account? You’ll want to ensure that information has been updating to begin receiving payouts! To check this, navigate to your payout preferences and make sure that you have entered a valid checking or Paypal account in order to receive payment. 
At the top of this page, you'll see your total account balance, which you can manually pay out at any time using the "pay out total balance" button.
If it's been more than 3 days since you sent your payout through Stripe -update your bank information! 
Payments can be delayed in Stripe for two reasons: holidays and incorrect account information.
If you've already connected a bank account, re-add your account and routing numbers on Patreon once more. Stripe will automatically send failed transfers to the updated bank information within 1-3 business days.
If you're using Paypal, double check the Paypal email you have connected to your account. If the information is incorrect, send us a note so we can assist using this form.
For U.S. direct deposit with Stripe, Patreon does not store any account details, except to show you the bank name and last 4 digits of the account number you have linked.
Note: Make sure you aren’t trying to transfer money to a savings account—it doesn't work. 
Have your pledges processed?
Hop over to your patron manager, where you'll see all of your paid posts and patrons currently pledging to you. You will only receive payouts to your account if you have patrons actively pledging to you. If you are on a "per post" page, your patrons would have needed to be pledging to you before you posted a paid post; if you are on a monthly, they will have needed to join before we started processing payments on the 1st of the month. 
If you have declined patrons, you will not receive their payment until their payment clears.
Is there a temporary hold on your account?
To ensure the security of your account, and make sure YOU are the one collecting your earnings, we sometimes need to place a temporary hold on your payouts. 
You should receive a notification as well as an email when this happens, so if you haven't seen either, this is probably not the issue. A payout lock will be lifted after 5 days, at which time you’ll be able to manually pay out any funds from your account. 
Are you pledging to other creators?
We use the balance in your account to cover any pledges you have to other creators, so if the amount you are paying other creators is more than you are collecting for your page, you will not see a positive balance in your account. You can check this within your Dashboard here
And finally…. if unsure, contact your bank!
If your payment info was entered incorrectly, or your bank may have reversed the payout or sent it to another account. You can reach out to your bank to see if that’s the case.  
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