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What do I do if a creator didn't deliver a reward or stopped posting content?

If a creator you support stops creating content or fails to deliver a promised reward, then here are a few steps we suggest you take:

  1. Investigate the creator’s other content distribution channels. Some creators post their creations on Patreon, but sometimes they do it through other websites or services. If you don’t see anything on Patreon you may want to look around first!
  2. Contact the creator. It's possible that they forgot to send out a specific reward, or maybe they have a good reason for not creating anything recently. Reaching out can be a good way to get information if they haven’t provided any. Learn how to contact a creator here.
  3. Ask the creator for a refund. If you feel that you haven’t received your money’s worth, you can always ask the creator for a refund. They are not obligated to provide a refund, but you can always ask and many creators will refund your pledge.
  4. Cancel your pledge. If you can’t get in touch with the creator, or if you don’t think they have a good reason for not creating anything recently, then we suggest you cancel your pledge. Once you remove your pledge, you'll receive an exit survey that goes directly to the creator, so feel free to give a reason for why you're deleting your pledge!

Here are a few steps we do not suggest taking:

  1. Report the creator. Because of the difficulty of judging the creative output of a creator, we almost never remove creators for not creating anything recently or for failing to deliver rewards. We strongly believe in self-policing by patrons. The creators that make patrons happy receive support, and the creators that do not will lose support.
  2. Ask Patreon for a refund. Patreon will not grant refunds for a creator that is not producing content or delivering rewards. As mentioned above it is difficult to judge the creative output of a creator and we do not want to impose our judgment here. Learn more about our refund policy here.
  3. Continue to support the creator if you are not happy with them. If you don’t believe the creator is worthy of support, then please do not continue to support them and expect a refund at some point in the future.
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