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Experiment: Creator Pledge Notifications

Note: This feature is currently only released to a small number of creators and their patrons for a limited time. Once this test is finished, we will analyze results and release more widely if we find that it is successful. Learn more about A/B testing here.


How does this feature work?

If you are a creator and you become a patron to another creator, your patrons will be notified via email of your new recent pledge. The email will look like this:

Why does this feature exist?

To help you get more patrons! Endorsements and recommendations from existing creators are one of the most powerful ways to help creators get new patrons. A pledge to another creator is one of the most powerful endorsements you can give!


Important exceptions!

Your patrons will never be notified when you pledge to creators producing adult content.


Is this feature optional?

Yes! You can turn this feature off at any time by unchecking this box on your email settings page:

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