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Why are payments declining?

Payment declines are normal on the 1st day of the month for many reasons:

- bank clearing times

- fraud profiling

- limit resets

- incorrect payment info


If you are a patron, head to your payment methods and click "retry." If your payment continues to decline, we recommend double-checking that your payment information is correct and getting in touch with your bank. You also have the option of adding a new payment method and transferring your pledges onto it.

Learn more about making payments here.

If you are a creator, expect your payout to be in your account balance by the 5th of each month. Since only processed patrons can view your patron-only content, don't let declines stop you from sharing rewards with your patrons in posts.

If you are a creator, and your patrons' payments have not all processed yet, check the following:

Did you make a paid post?

Did you pause your campaign?

If none of those apply, send a note to the Community Happiness team through the bottom of


Learn more about receiving payments here.

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