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Where can I see how well my posts are performing?

Navigate over to your Dashboard and under the section labeled “Posts,” you'll find a page called "Overview.”

This page provides daily and aggregated insights into the engagement, views, and traffic sources of your posts to help you better understand their performance on Patreon.


Post Activity displays the total number of posts, views, likes and comments your posts received from the current and previous weeks. This is a great place to see how your posts are doing week by week.

Total post views shows you how many views your posts have received over the last fourteen days. If you hover over a specific day, you will see how many views all of your posts have received in total that day.

Recent posts displays the engagement, traffic sources, and viewers of your most recently published posts.
– ‘Engagement’ shows views, likes and comments.
– ‘Source’ displays the top ten sources where users are coming from before landing on your post.
– ‘Viewers’ shows you who’s viewing your posts, broken down into logged-in patrons and other users.

Traffic sources this week is an aggregated list of the top places viewers are coming from to view your posts.

Note: The recorded post view and traffic source data are currently limited to when someone visits a post’s URL. They do not yet include when someone views your posts on mobile, on their feed at, or on your Patreon page. Post view data is limited to views which occurred after August 2015.

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