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Why is my payout blocked?

In an effort to keep security at Patreon a top priority, we now place a temporary hold on creator payouts after a number of actions are performed on a creator's account.

You will encounter a 5-day payout hold if you:

1. update your payout method

2. change your account email address

3. enable charge upfront

4. Process over $600 for the first time (a portion of your funds will transfer and the rest can be manually paid out when the hod releases)

You will receive an email with more detail, including the specific time that the payout lock will be released in PST. 

NOTE: If your payout is blocked at midnight on the 5th, your automatic payout will not process, so you will want to manually payout your funds. 

As these are measures in place to ensure the security of payouts for creators, we will not be able to remove holds early. 


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