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Where can I see a breakdown of all of my payouts?

Navigate over to your dashboard and you'll find a section titled "Payouts."

This section summarizes your monthly deductions from your creator balance.

  • -Month: The month in which the transaction processed
  • -Funds transferred to you: Funds deducted from the creator balance and transferred to the creator’s personal account, such as Direct Deposit or PayPal. Note that the actual amount that you'll receive in your bank account will be slightly smaller than the amount you withdraw from your creator balance because payment processors charge fees for the transfer.
  • -Funds used for pledges to other creators: Funds deducted from the creator balance in order to pay pledges to other creators
  • -Total funds deducted from creator balance: The sum of the preceding two columns

Learn more about all of the data available to you in your Dashboard HERE.

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