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Where can I view a breakdown of how many of my patrons' payments declined?

Navigate over to your dashboard and you'll find a section labelled "declines."

This section assesses the extent to which your patrons’ payments process successfully. When a payment declines, it typically is because of insufficient funds in the patron’s account or an error in the patron’s payment information (e.g., credit card number or expiration date). Patreon notifies the patron when their payment declines and automatically retries the payment when the payment settings are updated.

  • -Month: The month in which the associated post(s) were published
  • -Attempted Pledges The value of attempted pledges for posts published in that month
  • -Declined: The value of pledges that did not process successfully
  • -Successful: The value of pledges that processed successfully

Note: This section organizes results based on the date when the creator performed the work or published the post, whereas the "Earnings" section organizes results based on when the creator actually received the funds.

Learn more about all of the data available to you in your dashboard HERE.

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