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How do I block a patron?

Patreon should be a safe space for all creators to share their work. That said, if you notice a patron constantly changing their pledge or spamming your posts, blocking will help!

A blocked patron can:

  • view any public posts on your creator page 

A blocked patron cannot:

  • pledge to your creator page 
  • message you directly
  • access any patron-only post
  • comment on any creator or patron posts on your page 

You can block a patron directly from your patron manager or from the patron's Patreon profile.

As soon as a patron is blocked, they are immediately removed from your patron manager and sent an email notification of removal. If you are blocking someone whom YOU are a patron to, your pledge to them will be removed. 

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A blocked patron cannot become a patron to you again unless you unblock them. To unblock a user, just visit their profile and click "unblock" on the left-hand side of the page.


(If you are a patron and see that a patron or creator is acting against community guidelines, please report them here.)


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