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Patreon Creator Referral Rules

The Patreon referral program allows you to earn cash for referring creators to Patreon. When the referred creator gets patrons of their own, both you and the referred creator are paid a cash bonus from Patreon. This bonus varies based on the number of patrons the referred creator gets in their first month and the current referral rate.

These rules are part of our terms of use. To participate in our referral program you must agree to these rules.


How does it work?

You can refer a creator by sending a referral link from If they sign up using the link then you are both eligible for the bonus. If the referred creator gets patrons within their first month, then both of you will receive a cash bonus from Patreon based on the referred creator’s total number of patrons.



* If the creator you refer does not sign up using the link you send them, then there is no way to retroactively apply the bonus.

* After creating an account, the creator has 30 days to launch or the referral expires.

* After the creator launches, they have 30 days to get as many patrons as  possible.

* When those 30 days end we check how many patrons they have and pay out the reward to both accounts based on the referral rate at the time of signup. The bonus payout may be delayed up to 45 days because we do a manual review to avoid fraud.

* The referral rate is determined at the time the creator signs up. This rate is subject to change at any time.

* Each bonus tier listed in the referral rate is exclusive of the others. For example if the creator you refer achieves the highest bonus tier, you only get the bonus associated with that tier, not any of the lower ones.

* Only one referral link may be used by an account signing up. This means if a creator receives multiple links, then only the sender of the link they use to sign up will receive the bonus.

* This referral program is not available to creators that intend to fund only one post. It is meant for creators that will continue ongoing funding after the first month.


Sharing Restrictions

You may only share referral links with friends or other personal connections who will appreciate being invited to Patreon. You may not post the link on a public site or otherwise distribute it to people you don’t know.

Some examples of good referrals:

- Your friends.
- Your family.
- Anyone you’ve talked to in real life that you think just has to be on Patreon.
- A small private Facebook or Meetup group where you know everyone that can see       your posts.
- Someone you've worked with on a creative project and feel would be a good fit for Patreon.

Some examples of bad referrals:

- A blog post about “One cool trick that publishers and record companies hate.”
- A Craigslist listing promising free money to artists.
- Hijacking the top comment on a Reddit post.
- On the Facebook post announcing your Patreon page to the world.
- Mass email to your entire college art class.



Any abuse of this referral program is a breach of our terms of use. We may take action against the account as described in the terms. We may also remove any bonus added to an account as a result of the abuse or recover the value of the bonus from other processed pledges.


Changes and Termination

We reserve the right to make changes to this referral program, the referral rate, and these rules at any time. We may also terminate this referral program or any user’s participation in the program at any time and for any reason.


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