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Does Patreon have an API?

You better bet we do. 

The API presently has four main features:

  1.  "Log in with Patreon" functionality to put on your website
    Your patrons can click a button on your site, and then your site gets to know whether or not they're a patron & how much they're pledging (along with profile photo, name, email, etc.)
  2. A "fetch me my patron's info plz" endpoint
    Get back a list of every patron currently pledging to you, along with how much they're paying, etc.
  3. "Become my patron" embeddable button/widget
    You can now add the "become a patron" button directly on your website that'll direct potential patrons right to where they can become your patron!
  4. WebHooks aka "Ping me when I get a new Patron"
    Be notified every time you get a new patron.

To get started, check out Patreon - Login (while logged in as a creator) for more details.

Some open source libraries that make integration easier live at:

For troubleshooting questions with the API, email


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