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How do I create an intro video for my page?

An intro video is a great way to tell your fans who you are, what Patreon is, and why they should be your patron.  

Our friends at Blimey Cow created this awesome short video about creating your Patreon intro video.  Check it out below!


Here are a few tips on making the best video: 

  1. Make it short. 1:30 or 1:45 is perfect. Definitely under 2:00
  2. Mention how Patreon works: fans pay per post (or per month if that’s your setup) -Remember, most people will be thinking it’s like Kickstarter, so be sure to let people know that it’s a recurring pledge of a smaller amount, not a single one time donation.
  3. Let people know how frequently you release content so people know about how much they’ll be charged each month.
  4. Let people know that they can set a monthly max, so they never go above their budget.
  5. Talk about your rewards! What do they get in return for being a patron?
  6. Explain the activity feed, where people can post fan art, get to know your other patrons, and leave you comments.
  7. Include a screen capture footage of what it looks like to become a patron. People will be more likely to click the “become a patron” button if they are familiar with the process.
  8. Articulate your vision. What do you want to do? Why? Tell people about what you want to accomplish.

You can update this video too. If and when you do, tell everyone what you've accomplished so far and what your next big goals are! 

Want to learn how to add a "become my patron" end card to your intro video?  Check out this sweet tutorial using Adobe Premiere from Video!

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