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What are good milestone goals to have as a creator?


Setting milestone goals not only shows your patrons what you will do with the money you make on Patreon, but they will help you stay on track to achieve all the success you deserve.

Since Patreon is a platform for ongoing revenue, goals should also be set up in a similar way.  When you're setting up your goals, you should ask yourself: "How much money do I need to be making each month (or for each paid post,) for me to achieve this goal?"  

Here are some examples of goals that some of our most successful creators have on Patreon, but feel free to get creative and aim high!


"Thank you" video
When you reach your first goal, the first thing you might want to do (well, aside from jumping up and down,) is thank your patrons.  So what better way to thank them than to send out a video doing just that?

An extra piece of content every week/month
With all the extra money you'll be making once you hit these goals, you'll have even more time to create.  We find that creators who post more often on Patreon end up making more money.  So the quicker you hit these goals, the more opportunity you'll have to create.  And the more you create, the more money you make!  Make sense?

A course in something you've wanted to learn
Maybe you're a filmmaker still using Final Cut or you've just always wanted to learn how to add a certain effect to your work.  Set it as a goal and your patrons will be so stoked when they know they helped you hone your craft.

New equipment
Everyone needs a shiny new piece of equipment every now and then.  Once you hit a certain milestone goal, how about finally getting one of those fancy microphones you've had your eye on or upgrade that typewriter to a powerful desktop computer.

What do you wish you could create?  Is there something you've wanted to achieve but it's always seemed so out of reach?  Whatever you've been dreaming of, it CAN become reality with the help of your patrons.  So think big and set that bar high!  



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