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What are good rewards to offer as a vlogger or filmmaker?

Here are some of the most common rewards vloggers and filmmakers offer their patrons on Patreon.

Ad-block forgiveness
Ads can be invasive and annoying.  Show your patrons you care by removing ads from your videos.

Monthly Google Hangouts
Your patrons have seen you in front of a camera, so why not give them some screen time as well?  Invite your top patrons to a group live chat once a month and put a face to the pledge!  

Patrons' names in the credits
It's super simple for you and goes a long way for your patrons.  Add some gratitude to the end of your videos by thanking your patrons in the credits.

Monthly live stream on Periscope or Twitch
Maybe Google Hangouts aren't your style and you'd rather show your patrons what a typical day in your shoes is like.  Whether you're headed to the grocery store or working on a new video, going live can make your patrons feel a greater sense of connection to you.

Ability to pick topics for videos
Coming up with video ideas can be tough, so why not let your patrons give you topics for your next video?  A fun reward for your patrons and creative juice for you!  Win/win.

Still looking for some inspiration?  Check out some recommendations for our most popular rewards HERE!

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