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Why was I charged more than my pledge amount?

If you were charged more for your pledge than you anticipated, it may be due to one of the following:

Declined payments from previous months

If your payment declined previously, we will attempt to charge you until the payment succeeds. Oftentimes, this happens after you update your payment method or a new billing cycle begins.


VAT (Value Added Tax)

We were recently required to charge VAT (Value Added Tax) to European patrons' payments.  You will see the fee breakdown when you make a pledge but you won't see this reflected in your list of pledges on your homepage.

For more info on VAT, check out How does VAT work on Patreon?

(Please note that VAT is recorded and reported to the EU based on your IP address, so even if you are not a citizen of the EU, you will be charged VAT). 


No monthly max

Some creators are charging patrons "per post" (rather than monthly). This means that you are charged your pledge amount for each paid post the creator publishes in the month.

To ensure that you're only ever charged the amount you're comfortable paying, navigate over to your pledges page, click "edit" where the creator is listed and enter a monthly max into the field shown. 



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