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Why is my public facing dollar amount less than expected?

We’ve been listening to your feedback and you're tired of your public-facing dollar amount not reflecting what you're actually walking away with on Patreon, due to transaction fees and declined pledges. With that in mind, we decided to factor all those things in to give you and your patrons a better idea of where you stand.

Now, the public-facing number you see on your page will always reflect the total amount of pledges to you minus:

  1. Transaction fees
  2. Patreon's 5%
  3. Declined pledges

How are we calculating this?

  1. Transaction fees -  The percentage from last month. If this is your first month on Patreon (or the first month your patrons will be charged), we will default to 5%.

  2. Patreon's 5% - This percentage (unlike fees) will always stay the same. 

  3. Declined pledges - The total amount of declined pledges from last month.

    Example: You had $15 worth of pledges decline from 3 patrons last month. Your new amount will be the total dollar amount from your patrons minus 4% transaction fee minus 5% Patreon fee minus $15 worth of declined pledges from last month. 

Did you lose those three declined patrons?

Absolutely not! Remember, we are not showing your declined patrons and that dollar amount on your creator page. You can see the total amount of patrons and the total amount you are making right from your Patron Manager.

 Why are we doing this?

For better transparency and because you asked for it! We've gotten so much feedback from creators since the beginning of time to make the public facing number more reflective of what you actually get paid. Before this calculation, the total amount of money that would be on display to the public would include these fees and assume that no pledges would decline. This new number will provide a better approximation of money you're going to receive every month. There may be some fluctuation with new pledges declining and a change in transaction fees, but we're confident this will provide a best estimate to the public. 

To be consistent this change is for everyone. Every creator, every patron, every visitor to your page will see the adjusted dollar figure.


How will this affect your milestone goals?

All goals that were previously met will still be met.

Ex.) I just hit my $1,000 milestone goal but with this change public facing dollar is adjusted down to $800. My $1,000 milestone goal will still be met and my profile will display the next milestone goal (if I have another goal created).

If you are close to meeting a goal but haven't yet, this does mean that it will take you a bit longer to hit that goal since your public-facing number is now a little lower than it was before.  Fear not!  You'll get there, and we'll be rooting for you the whole way.

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