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What are good rewards to offer as a writer?


Blogging?  Writing the next best novel?  Short story author?  Whatever you write, here are some great rewards you can offer your patrons on patreon.

Access to early drafts
No need to nag your friends to read over your rough drafts!  You can share these directly with your patrons.  As your most loyal fans, they're probably aching at the chance to help make your work even more amazing.

Extra material not included in book
Whether they're deleted scenes, character studies, or simply just nonsensical scribbles that were the starting point of your story, they're a fun and personal reward to share with your patrons.

Make a post and start a questions and answers thread with your patrons!  Have them ask you anything, from questions about your creative process, your favorite time to write, to where you get your brilliant ideas from!

Acknowledgement in finished work
Have a few super patrons? Show your unending gratitude by thanking them in your printed piece.  Maybe even toss that cherry on top by sending them a signed copy hot off the press.

Story collaboration
Allow your most dedicated patrons to name characters in your story, decide between a few plot twists or even determine the fate of your protagonist! 

Still looking for some inspiration?  Check out some recommendations for our most popular rewards HERE!

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