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What are good rewards to add as a visual artist?


There are a lot of great rewards a visual artist can offer their patrons on Patreon--here are just a few of the most popular ones.

Discount on a piece of art
Whether you have pieces for sale online, in a shop or taking up room in your workspace, offering your patrons a discount is a great way to show your patrons you care (and sell some work in the process.)

Ability to commission work
Maybe your patrons have something specific they'd love to see you create or are looking to fill a certain amount of wall space.  Allowing them to commission pieces from you is a great perk to offer your top patrons.

Invitations to gallery openings
Showing some of your work in an upcoming gallery show?  Fill the room with your biggest fans by inviting your patrons to come cheer you on!

Generate fan art from your patrons
Invite your patrons to create their own pieces of art inspired by your work!  Your patrons will love that they get to share their own works of art with one of their favorite artists.

Art tutorials
How do you create such beautiful masterpieces?!  Share your process in step by step "how to" articles or fun informative videos.

Still looking for some inspiration?  Check out some recommendations for our most popular rewards HERE
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