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What are good rewards to add as a musician?

Making a living as a musician can be tough.  You need rewards that allow you to focus more of your time writing, recording and performing those killer tunes.  Here are a few suggestions.

Mp3 Downloads
With Patreon, you can attach downloadable mp3s directly to your posts, making it super simple to offer these audio gems as rewards.

Early access to concert tickets
Going on tour?  Your patrons will probably be first in line for tickets anyway, so why not let them purchase tickets before the general public?  An easy way to fill those seats with the people who love your music the most.

Discuss lyrics and meaning
Were your songs inspired by a long-lost lover?  A family pet?  Wherever the inspiration came from, your patrons want to know!

Custom song
Show some love to your top patrons and write them a song!  Ok--it doesn't have to be a love song with their name as the title; even just a little inspiration or lyric about them will do the trick. ;) 

Backstage pass
Invite your patrons backstage at your next gig!  They'll be stoked to see you play and even more excited to see what the show is like from your perspective.  

Still looking for some inspiration?  Check out some recommendations for our most popular rewards HERE!

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