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What are good rewards to offer?

While every creator is different, below are some of the most commonly offered rewards on Patreon.

Access to your patron-only feed
When a patron joins your community on Patreon, they will receive access to any posts you share with their pledge tier.  This is a great automatic perk and fantastic addition to your rewards!  We'd suggest adding it as the sole reward for your lowest reward tier but including it as a baseline in all of your rewards.

Tutorials or breakdowns
Whether you're a Photoshop wizard or a musical prodigy, your patrons want to know how you did it!  Offering a behind the scenes look at your creative process is a fantastic middle-range reward that can be incredibly fun to make.

Google Hangout
This is a great reward for those higher-tiered patrons! Invite your patrons to join you in an online video hangout where topics can range anywhere from what ideas they have for your next piece of content to which three historical figures they'd love to have dinner with.

Name in credits
Writing a novel?  Making short films?  Crediting your highest-tiered patrons directly in what you create is such an awesome reward for them and super easy for you! 

These are just a few ideas for general rewards, but the options are endless!  For recommendations for specific rewards by some of the most popular creator types, check out the links below.

Rewards offered by:


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