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I have declined patrons! Will you charge them again?

Good question!. Yes, we do attempt to charge them again. Please note that a patron will only ever have one declined bill. If they decline once, we will not continue to charge them for future months. Instead they will be restricted from viewing patron-only content until they pay for their past due bill. They are essentially not a patron for future months until they've successfully paid the past due bill. Once the pledge is paid for, they will regain access to your patron-only feed.

To do our best to collect past due bills we:

  • Retry billing daily
  • Email patrons to let them know there was an issue with billing and to reattempt
  • Place a banner on their Patreon page prompting them to update payment info
  • Restrict access to patron only content until past due bills are collected

You can also check the status of your patrons and their pledges from your patron manager. Feel free to message patrons through your patron manager and give them another heads up that the pledge didn't go through.

If you feel that they are evading payment, you can also block them, which will remove their pledge to you and prevent them from rejoining your community.

For more info on your Patron Manager, check out this part of our Help Center. 

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