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What does a patron's status mean?

I thought you'd never ask! 

Your patrons can have 4 different states: Processed, OK, Fraud, and Declined. 

  1. Processed - Your patron's payment was successfully processed.
  2. OK - Your patron is all set to be charged during the next payment cycle. 
  3. Fraud - Your patron's bank or the payment processor have marked this payment as being potentially fraudulent. There are a number of reasons this can occur. You can let your patrons know to get in touch with their bank, Stripe, and/or Patreon to clear this up. Your patrons will want to reach out the their bank or Stripe to resolve this and get charged for their pending pledges.
  4. Declined - Your patron's pledge declined, and they have been notified of this. They will need to update their payment method in order for us to attempt to re-process their payment. Once they update their payment method, their status will return to OK. We will try to re-process patrons who've updated their payment method within 48 hours and continue to send them email notification. 


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