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How do I disable my account?

Disabling is not a replacement for deleting your pledge. If you would like to delete your pledge to avoid future charges, click here.

We understand that you might not want to use Patreon anymore- but would really appreciate it if you could take the time to give us feedback on why you no longer want to be on Patreon. If you could pop over here and let us know why you are leaving, that can help us improve the platform for everyone.

If you are a creator and no longer wish to charge your patrons, you can switch your account to "patron only" - which will let you keep your account. If you are a patron, you can delete any active pledges you have by deleting any active pledges. If you want to go one step further my deleting the payment method on file. You can also unsubscribe from our emails by managing your email settings on this page. For good measure you can set your account as private. This will avoid it popping up in search while you are no longer using the site.

If you'd like to disable your Patreon account completely, SEND AN EMAIL to ONLY USING THE EMAIL ATTACHED TO THE PATREON ACCOUNT YOU WANT DISABLED.  This email is not monitored for responses, but triggers an automated removal within 3 weeks. You will no longer be able to sign into this email on the Patreon without emailing the Community Happiness team to re-enable it. DO NOT email in order to re-enable your account.

Disabling your account removes all public facing information, for legal and accounting reasons we are unable to delete all account information- for specifics you can view our Privacy Policy





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