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How do I pause my pledge to a creator?

Instead of deleting your pledge entirely, you can now pause your pledge.
Here's how it works:
For pausing your pledge to a monthly creator:
Any time during a given month (let's assume it's January,) you can pause your pledge to a monthly creator you are a patron to. You would normally be charged on the first of the next month (February 1st) for your pledge; since you've paused your pledge, you will not be charged next month (February 1st). Your pledge will then automatically resume and normal billing will continue. That means your next charge would occur during the following month (March 1st). 
Sometime in January: Pause your pledge.
February 1st: Not charged. Your pledge automatically resumes. 
March 1st: You are charged for your support. (Normal billing continues...)
So how do I pause?
Step 1 - Head to your pledges via your profile photo drop-down and click edit pledge to the right of the pledge you wish to pause.
Step 2 - Click delete pledge. You'll see a pop-up that asks you to pause or delete your pledge, click pause. You'll get another notification.
Step 3 - Click pause my pledge are you are all set.
What about pausing your pledge to a "per post" creator?
We currently do not allow patrons to pause pledges to "per post" creators. You can only pause your pledge to monthly creators. 
How to resume your pledge
You will only have the option to resume your pledge in the same month you paused your pledge. Remember, paused pledges automatically resume as soon as your bill is skipped. To resume your pledge, simply go to your pledges page and select paused pledges. If you click edit you will see the option to resume pledge. Click that! If you resume your pledge in the same month you paused your pledge, normal billing will continue and you will be charged on the first of next month.
Alternatively, you can view the creator's page at any time and click resume pledge.
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