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Livestreaming with Crowdcast BETA


What is the Crowdcast beta?



What is the Crowdcast beta?

We've heard that easy, patron only livestreaming is something that you've been asking for- So we're thrilled to have this now available within Patreon!

 We’re partnering with Crowdcast to run an invite-only beta to test free, patron-only livestreams.
Crowdcast is a premium livestreaming service that makes it easy to livestream and offers great features, including:
  • Secure, private livestreams
  • Easy setup and viewing- No downloads required for streamers or viewers
  • Analytics on your engagement and viewers
  • Real-time commenting, polls, and Q&A with audience voting
This is currently an invite-only beta, and we’ll be sure to let the creator community know when it’s available more broadly. 

How do I make a patron-only Crowdcast livestream?

To set up or schedule a livestream, make a post as you usually would by selecting the post icon on your left sidebar. From here, you'll see the livestream option. 



You'll want to select "continue with Crowdcast." Then, you'll see an OAuth popup, requesting your permission to integrate your Patreon account with Crowdcast. This will automatically create a Crowdcast account for you, using your Patreon login credentials. 
Once this is authorized, you'll be taken to a post page. Here you'll have the option to test your livestream and see what it will look like, or set up a livestream post. 

You also have the ability to schedule a livestream. Select the date and time you'd like the livestream scheduled. 

If you decide to schedule your livestream, you'll be able to make a post announcing it to your patrons. We'll also e-mail you one hour before your scheduled livestream to remind you to get everything set up! 
If you decide to publish your livestream immediately, select "publish now." Don't worry, you won't be officially live yet! You'll want to continue to Crowdcast to livestream. 

Once on Crowdcast, select the green "Prepare to Go Live" button. And it's go time! your patrons will all be sent an e-mail alerting them of your livestream. They'll also see a livestream announcement in their feed but they'll need to click the crowdcast link to view the livestream.

Why are you running this as a beta?

Without a doubt, patron-only livestreaming is one of the most requested features from creators, and we really want to deliver on that request. We’re using the invite-only beta test to help us work out the kinks and collect feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and how we can give creators exactly what they’re looking for.


Does the beta cost money? How much can I stream?

As a creator in the beta, Patreon will pay all costs for you to use Crowdcast’s premium livestreaming service. You’ll be able to stream to your patrons for free for up to 3 hours per month.

If we continue the program after the beta, we will likely need to charge to help offset the high cost of delivering high-quality video streams. 
No matter what, you’ll always have the ability to use YouTube to make unlisted livestreams for free.

Who gets to be in the beta? Can I sign up to be in the beta?

We are rolling this out slowly with a group of creators who have been selected at random. Those creators will be able to make livestreams that are visible to all of their patrons, or specific reward tiers of patrons.
Unfortunately, we are not accepting any requests to join the beta. This will help us move quickly, in hopes of getting this in your hands as soon as possible.
Can I still stream with YouTube (or other services)?
Absolutely! You can continue to stream using YouTube (or any other service) and share the link with your patrons.
What happens if the beta is discontinued?
If the beta is discontinued but you’d like to continue to use Crowdcast, you’ll need to subscribe to one of their services.
Which browsers can I use with Crowdcast?
Crowdcast currently works with desktop or laptop computers running the latest browsers, including: 
            • Chrome 
            • Firefox 
            • Opera
            • Edge
            • Safari (viewing live stream, not broadcasting)
All things equal, Google Chrome tends to work best.
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