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How do I become a creator and make a page on Patreon?

Awesome, we’re so happy you’re apart of our creator community! THIS is how we're welcoming you. Welcome to Patreon. Now, let's get you one step closer to living out your dream!
Step 1: Sign up
Hop on over to and click the orange "become a creator" button up at the top.
From there, you can sign up with Facebook or your email. 
Alternatively, if you are already signed in, you select "Become a creator" from the settings menu.
Step 2: Build your page
Once you've signed up, you'll be taken through the steps of creating your page:
  • -Connecting your social media accounts
  • -Entering your payment cycle type (can be "monthly" or "per creation"). If you select "per creation," you will need to enter what it is you're creating (writing? videos? podcast? etc.)
  • -Uploading a profile and cover photo for your page.
  • -Filling out your about/pitch section (who you are/why potential patrons should subscribe to your page).
  • -Uploading an intro video (not required but has been shown to help convert fans to patrons better).
  • -Your goals (what you'll be able to do with the money you make on Patreon).
  • -Your rewards (what perks patrons can receive when they become your patron).
  • -A "thank you" message and/or video (what patrons see as soon as they submit their pledge to you).
 After you click "save and continue" on the final page, you will be able to view your creator page and edit anything you'd like before it goes live to the world. 
Step 3: Launch!
Once you're ready to launch out into the world, click the green "launch" button on the top and you'll immediately be live and searchable* on Patreon! Send it to your friends, family, fans, neighbors and anyone else you think would be interested in what you're creating. You can also select a unique URL from your settings page to make sharing out your page even easier.
If you need some extra guidance with launching, check out our launch guide, which will take you through how to maximize the success of your launch! We also have a ton of great resources for creators on our blog!
We're stoked to have you here! Can't wait to see what you create.
*Please note: By design, creators who have marked their pages as Adult Content will not be searchable on the site. Fear not--you can still select a unique URL and share it out with your network!
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