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Where Can I Find A Breakdown Of My Earnings?

Navigate on over to your dashboard and you'll find a section labeled "earnings."
This section summarizes income associated with your creator page. It is organized by the time that Patreon successfully processed your pledges and refunds, rather than the time when you performed the work or published paid posts.
  • -Month: The month in which you received payment in your creator balance
  • -Processed pledges: The sum of all successfully-processed pledges that processed in the month specified, less any refunded payments
  • -Processing fees: Merchant transaction fees associated with the third party that processes the payments (e.g., PayPal, Stripe). Please see this article to learn more about fees.
  • -Patreon fee: The sum of Patreon’s 5% fee applied to the pledges
  • -Your share: The net amount that you earned, after deducting processing fees and Patreon’s fee
In the case of refunds, this section includes a positive amount when the pledge originally processed successfully followed by a negative amount when the refund occurred. For example, if a $10 pledge processed in January and was refunded in February, then Processed Pledges would include +$10 in January and -$10 in February.
On January 1, 2016, we implemented a new payments infrastructure that allows us to track detailed information about payments, including the time when we successfully process pledges for each creator’s account. For all pledges processed prior to January 1, 2016, we estimated the month in which pledges processed by assigning each pledge to the month after the creator performed the associated work. For creators paid on a monthly basis, pledges processed before January 1, 2016 are mapped to the month immediately following each month of the creator’s page. For creators paid per-post, pledges processed before January 1, 2016 are mapped to the month after the creator published the paid posts. We did this because Patreon processes pledges in the first month following any published work, and it’s correct unless a payment declines and the patron takes more than a month to resolve the payment settings issue. If you have any questions about the timing associated with processed payments, please contact us through the form pasted below.
Learn more about the analytics available to you in your dashboard here!
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