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How Do I Enable Audio RSS For My Patrons?

Do you publish a podcast on Patreon? Would you like to give each of your patrons their own private RSS link to listen to your audio posts in their podcast app of choice? If so, follow the steps below to enable audio RSS for your patrons.
How to enable Audio RSS
  1. While editing your Patreon page, click the Creator Page Settings” link at the top right of the screen.
  2. To enable Audio RSS, click the checkbox by Enable RSS audio feed”.
  3. If you’d like us to email your current patrons their private RSS links, keep the Notify your patrons” checkbox checked. 
  4. By default, the title of the RSS feed will be the same as the name displayed on your Patreon page. You can choose to enter a custom feed title if you’d like.
How do current patrons receive their private RSS link?
1. By email, if you opt to notify them when you enable RSS they'll receive an email that contains their unqiue RSS link upon pledging. 
 2. On the right side of the Overview section of your Patreon page, in a card labeled AUDIO RSS LINK”:
How do new patrons receive their private RSS link?
1. Just like current patrons, the new patrons will receive an email and have access to their RSS link from the Overview section of your creator page. 
2. On the page they see immediately after pledging, there will be a card with their link:

Which posts will show up in an Audio RSS feed? 

Each patron’s Audio RSS feed will contain all of your audio posts on Patreon which they can normally access (e.g. on your Patreon page).  

What is an audio post”?

Any post you make that includes an uploaded .mp3, .wav, or .m4a file in the top section of the post editor (see screenshot below) is compatible with the RSS feeds.
Attachments added to a post using the paperclip (see below), will not show in the RSS feed. 

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