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When Are My Patrons Charged? / When Do Payments Get Processed?

On the 1st of the month-  your patrons will be billed- (starting at midnight PDT (GMT-7:00)) We will try to collect funds for the first 5 days- on the 5th automatic payouts happen. 


NOTE: if you have recently changed your payout method, email address, or paid out more than 600$ within the calendar year, you will have a 5 day freeze on all payouts. More info here On payout locks

5 days?! 

We retry billing for cards that have declined- There are a LOT of reasons why a card can decline- and it’s not unusual to have to retry. Sometimes it’s a just a matter of needing to be retried- sometimes it’s a matter of a card needing updating, and sometimes it can be insufficient funds. You can double check your % of declined payments in your dashboard- the average is 5%-10%- so if you’re below that, you’re doing great!

We’ve found that 5 days is about the point when continuing to retry the existing payment method won’t make a difference, and new billing information is needed.

the Billing period is 5 days to let us do our best to collect from your patrons- You can pay out what has been collected at any time but the automated payout is always on the 5th.


What if a patron updates their billing info after the 5 days?

Any pending bills will be processed and the funds will go to your creator balance, and wait for the next time you chose to payout, or have payout happen automatically. 

What if they delete their pledge?

If they have never paid- and they delete their card another attempt is made against any billing method on file.

NOTE: Payouts may not show in your bank or PayPal account ON the 5th- as PayPal/Payoneer/Stripe may take time to deliver the funds to your account.

 What happens when a patron's card is declined? Do you retry it?



If you head over to your payout preferences page, you can withdraw your moolah at any time by clicking this beautiful orange button, “pay out.” 

Please note: We have started to roll out a "charge upfront" feature, which allows monthly creators to charge patrons as soon as they pledge. Learn more here.

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