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BETA: Patron Relationship Manager (PRM) Overview

What is Patron Relationship Manager?

About the Beta



What is Patron Relationship Manager?

The Patron Relationship Manager is Patreon's new way to explore and develop your relationship with your patrons. You can think of Patron Relationship Manager as the place to find information about all of your patrons, and eventually all of your fans who have interacted with you on Patreon. 

How is this different than the existing Patron Manager feature?

The Patron Manager feature has been around for a long time, and is currently serving a lot of purposes. Patron Relationship Manager is our first step in replacing the Patron Manager with tools that are more tailored for a specific purpose. Patron Relationship Manager is being built from the ground-up and has a new, more friendly interface, and will be the foundation for new features and tools to come.

What information is included in PRM?

Patron List

The main patron table includes the following columns:

 Patron Name The name your patron has provided
 Reward Tier The name of the patron's chosen reward tier, OR the dollar amount and beginning of the reward description if no tier name exists
 Current Pledge The patron's current pledged dollar amount
 Lifetime Pledges The overall total dollar amount the patron has paid you
 Last Charge We detected fraudulent activity on this credit card. The card was refunded, and no further action is required by you.
 Charge Status Whether the Patron's card was processed successfully at the time of the last charge

 Paid The patron's card was successfully charged on the last charge date
 Pledged The patron has pledged, but we've not yet attempted to charge their card
 Declined The patron's card declined the charges on the last charge date. We automatically notify patrons whenever their card declines
 Refunded The patron's card was successfully charged on the last charge date, and subsequently was refunded by you
 Fraud We detected fraudulent activity on this credit card. The card was refunded, and no further action is required by you.

Patron Card

In the patron card on the right, you'll find additional information about the patron selected within the table.

 Name The name your patron has provided
 Patronage length The number of months for which your patron has been actively pledging. Note: if a patron deleted their pledge and came back, this will reflect the amount of time since they came back.
 Email address Your patron's email address
 Shipping address You patron's shipping address, if one was provided


What filters are available?

 Reward tier Filter your list of patrons down to a particular reward tier, including patrons who have selected "no reward."
 Pledge value Filter your list of current patrons by a range of pledge values


About the Beta

What's not included in this beta release?

There's a lot we haven't done yet! We wanted to get something into your hands as quickly as possible to start improving your experience and to start getting your feedback as quickly as possible. Here are some things that are not yet included that are still available in Patron Manager:

  • CSV Export
  • Bulk messaging
  • Bulk blocking
  • Mark as complete
  • Viewing past month/paid post patronage

What do you plan on adding into Patron Relationship Manager?

Oh man. We've got a lot of exciting plans for this area! While these plans are subject to change (sometimes we need to shift resources around internally, and sometimes we shift priorities based on creator feedback!), here are the next areas we want to invest in with PRM:

  • CSV export
  • More filters, including filtering by charge status, lifetime support, etc
  • Ability to search for a patron by name or email address
  • A notes field... that you can do with what you will!
  • Adding former patrons and current followers to your list

Longer term ideas include the following:

  • A way for creators to see a patron's history of patronage that details the first pledge start date, when the pledge amount changed, and whether they paused their pledge
  • Something like "custom" fields to allow creators to track things like t-shirt size, location information, favorite colors, or whether someone is a "VIP"
  • ... and more!

How can I give feedback?

So glad you asked. We'd love to hear what's working for you and what's not over in the Patreon Community. Just hop into the PRM Beta category, and then look to see if someone has already started a topic that covers your feedback. If they haven't, create a new topic and start the conversation!


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