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How to Set Up a Shopify Merch Store for Patreon Rewards


Choosing amazing rewards for your patrons is arguably the best part about launching a Patreon page. There are endless special ways to connect with your top fans, but there’s one type of reward that every fan appreciates. We’re talkin’ about good old-fashioned merch.

Never sold a Tee-shirt in your life? Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. Launching a Patreon page gives you the perfect excuse to launch your first merch store.

Our friends at Shopify showed us the easiest way to fulfill tangible rewards without ever touching a shipping label. These instructions explain how to sell discounted merch to your patrons, in addition to launching a public store for the rest of your fans to access.


How To Give Your Patrons Tangible Rewards

Step 1 - Visit and sign up for a 45 day free trial

Step 2 - Set up your store. Design colour schemes, add your logos, copy, and general information.

Step 3 - Add Apps.Visit the app store and search for the print-on-demandemail marketing, and bulk discount apps.

Step 4 - Use the Print on demand drop shipping apps to create products with your logo/branding.

Step 5 - Generate Bulk Discount codes that give the full amount of the item as a discount. (ie. if the reward is a $20 t-shirt, give them a $20 discount)

Step 6 - List one of your Patreon rewards as “Any item from my swag store”. Whenever someone chooses the “Any item from my swag store” reward, email or message them a discount code and a link to your store. They can redeem the discount code and potentially buy more merch from you. Your patrons will now be your customers as well and you can mail them promotions, deals, flash sales, etc 



Want to give a discount to all patrons in a certain tier? Here's how to use the Bulk Discount App

Step 1 - Use the discount code generator to make enough discount codes in the different amounts you need.

Step 2 -  Export all the discount codes and assign them back to the email address of your patrons in excel.  

Step 3 - Use this excel sheet to create a Mailchimp list and then use merge fields to send everyone an email with their unique discount code.

Step 4 - If the discount needs to apply to more than one product (rewards or bundles, for example), you can make it apply to an entire collection in the Discount Type fields.  

Step 5 - The window to use the discount code should account for how long it'll take you to ship your products.

Step 6 - Once you've used the discount code generator to make enough discount codes for the number of patrons at a pledge level, you can export them and add them to a new column in your patron report spreadsheet (call it "Discount Codes").

Step 7 - Once you’ve assigned discount codes for all of your patrons, save the .CSV file. You can either import it as a list into your email marketing solution, or group message the discount codes to your patrons on Patreon.

Step 8 - If you chose to use your email marketing tool, create a campaign and, in the email builder, use merge tags to personalize the emails so each patron gets an email with their unique discount code, a link to your store, and instructions on how to claim their reward.

As your patrons order through your store, you will get notifications (you'll know from the cha-ching! sound) and be able to see them in the Orders section of your Shopify store.

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