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How do I setup an early access post?

If one of your rewards is offering patrons early access to content before the rest of the world sees it, you can easily set this up within a post!
Please note: 

This beta feature is gradually being rolled out and is not available for all creators yet. When it's available for you as an active creator with patrons it will appear in your post page. 

 Select the orange post button from the top right corner. Then make your post as you normally would. 
You’ll be able to set up early access on any patron-only post (either all patrons or specific tiers). Once you select who can view the post, the early access box will appear. 
Check the early access box. You’ll be able to customize how many days the post will be patron-only until it is automatically viewable by the public!
You can also add early access to scheduled posts. Select the arrow next to the publish button to choose whether you’d like to publish it now, save it as a draft, or schedule it. 
If you’d like to release an early access post to the public early, select the pencil icon to edit it. You’ll then be able to make the post public.
Once you make an early access post visible to the public, you won’t be able to make the post early access again.
Here’s what the post will look like to people who don’t have early access:
The group of patrons with early access will get an email notifying them about the post as soon as the post is published.
Then, once the post goes automatically public, all other patrons and followers will get an email notifying them that they can view the post.
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