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How do I change my earnings visibility?

Private Earnings

We understand that not all creators want to display their monthly earnings. While showing that can be really helpful in attracting patrons when you're just starting out, sometimes it's just not right for your brand or image.

To change your earnings visibility from public to private

  1. Navigate to your Profile

    Note: there's a new indication of whether your earnings are currently private or public:

  2. Click Edit your page in the banner at the top

  3. Click Edit on the Payments Setting section

  4. Select Private under the Earnings Visibility section

  5. Click Save

That's it! Now your earnings will be hidden across all of Patreon.

Earnings Visibility and Goals

You may want to update your goals when changing to a private earnings model. By default, your goals will be reworded to reflect the percentage of your goal that has been achieved, but you can also choose to change your goals to be based on the number of patrons rather than a certain dollar amount.

To update your goals to community-based

  1. Click on Edit in the Goals section

    Note: you may need to expand the "Goal type" section if it's not already expanded. To do this, simply click Edit

  2. If the "Goal type" section is expanded, click Community-based goals

  3. Click Save
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